Dogs of carbonhouse

Behind every carbonhouse employee is a pet (or two).

Introducing the floofs of carbonhouse. 

Nick Furry

AKA The Mess

The muttiest-mutt you've ever met. Pure bred love monster.

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AKA Derp

King of the Derps. Loves to pal around and cause trouble with his big sister, Anya. 

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Ollixander aka Ollie Bear

Has never met a stranger (human or otherwise), generates enough energy from his butt wiggles to fuel a small country for a year, and, unconfirmed but suspected, his ears will bring in basic cable stations.

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AKA Queen

Give me food or give me death. The queen requires your pats.

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AKA Derpy

Her derpiness knows no bounds. Is either moving at the speed of light or sleeping. There is no in between. Ubers for unicorns on the weekends.

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AKA Big Ears AKA Yoda

Our guard dog is programmed to only like you if you play frisbee with her.

She got kicked out of daycare but whatever, she has also graduated from Obedience Class!

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AKA Coleslaw. AKA Ms. Coulson.

95lbs of garbage eating fluff. When Coulson comes in, trash cans go up! A frequent office visitor, this big bear can be found sleeping behind her human. 

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AKA Baxi Taxi. AKA Giant Baby.

Chief Security Officer for new human puppy and Instagram Influencer.

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Winston Pepperjack

AKA Dobby. AKA Baby Got Bark.

Little chiweenie/terrier mix with permanent BDE (Big Dog Energy). Mom’s travel buddy & brother cat Toby’s BFF (or at least he likes to think so). Under-the-covers snuggler. Plastic bottle aficionado. Forever infant vibes. 

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AKA Jeesp

Ball retrieval expert. Favorite spots to relax include the couch, bed, and mud pits.

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Skye is a bundle of joy who loves cuddles, handshakes, and playing fetch in the backyard.

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AKA Good Boy

Has a Harry Potter lightning bolt on his neck. Gives him super powers to make bacon disappear. 

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AKA Adventure Pup

Loves to smile. Can't stop. Won't stop. 

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AKA Brat, AKA World's Most Attention-Starved Doggo,  AKA Willow Mina

Sweetest, most loyal dog in the world that is also squirrely-brained and can't go five seconds without someone giving her attention.

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AKA The Diva

Voted Most Photogenic.

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AKA Napaholic. AKA Jynxie

Enjoys long naps, food, barking at rabbits in the backyard, and long naps. Hates going outside in the rain because having wet paws is the worst. 

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